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The Bombshell

Ever since Brett McMurphy published his article on August 1st that put Urban Meyer, Zach Smith

and Ohio State under the microscope, I’ve been waiting for another reporter to blow it apart. Late Thursday afternoon Columbus-based writer Jeff Snook gave us the bombshell I’ve been expecting. His article, which was released on Facebook, didn’t just blow apart McMurphy’s story, it nuked it..BIG TIME! I kept expecting this because there were too many rumblings about Courtney Smith’s role in the marital problems between she and her ex-husband. Add that to the nine police reports with no arrests and the Delaware County prosecutor’s opinion there was not enough evidence to file charges, and something about this whole mess didn’t seem right to me.

In Snook’s article, Zach Smith’s mother, Lynn Bruce, AND Courtney Smith’s mother, Tina Carano, BOTH back Zach Smith. Bruce alleges when Courtney Smith found out Zach had cheated on her, she vowed to her to take down both Zach and Urban Meyer. She says Courtney said it several times over the past few years. Bruce said when the police would arrive and look into what had happened, there was nothing to back Courtney’s claims of being physically abused. “She would just call 911 over an argument, which she usually started. The Powell police got to know the situation. I don’t believe for a minute he ever struck her one time and neither does her own mother-and neither do the Powell police”, said Bruce in Snook’s article, “She has been planning this for some time.” Concerning the pictures showing red marks on Courtney Smith, Bruce said, “I witnessed what she did several times. She would get in his face and block his path while screaming at him. One time when I was there, he was trying to walk down the steps and she blocked him so he couldn’t leave the house. He couldn’t get by her and he had to leave, so he just picked her up by the arms and placed her to the side, so he could walk by and walk out the door.” She, also claims Courtney was the “aggressor” and “very confrontational” with Zach.

Bruce disagrees with all of those either calling for Urban Meyer’s head or claiming he should have done more, “Urban did exactly what he was supposed to do. He passed it on whenever something came up.” She, also, rather vehemently refutes the claim by Courtney that Earle Bruce talked her out of pressing charges stemming from a 2009 incident in Florida. She said she was the one who talked to Courtney and her father would have never told Courtney to not press charges. “That is just another thing she has lied about”, Bruce said.

Mothers will defend their children, but when a mother defends an ex-son-in-law over her own daughter, you know something is up. According to Bruce, Tina Carano and her daughter don’t speak anymore. Carano answered Snook’s questions via text today and confirmed Bruce’s claims. She said she did hear her daughter say she’d take down Zach and, although she doesn’t remember the exact words, she does remember her saying something similar about Meyer. In speaking of the alleged abuse, Carano said, “I believe Zach was removing himself from an argument and I do not believe he intentionally abused her.” She further said, “This is my daughter and I love her, but I do not approve of what she has done and how it was done.”

Snook’s article is long and involved, but I highly recommend reading it because there are a ton more details from Lynn Bruce about the situation. You can read it by clicking here.

What does this mean for Urban Meyer? In terms of the investigation, probably not much. The investigators are looking at what did Meyer know, when did he know it and was proper procedure followed in reporting the matter. The real impact should be in the court of public opinion. There are a lot and I mean A LOT of media people out there, who now have egg all over their faces. Some won’t be deterred and will still call for Meyer’s head, but, to me, an awful lot of people, who called for his immediate firing, look REALLY bad right now. Considering the firestorm over Brett McMurphy’s original article and the allegations within, I’m curious to see if Jeff Snook’s gets as much play in the media. It should because it is an absolute bombshell.


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