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Roaring Silence

OUTRAGE!! That’s what it was in the days following Courtney Smith’s allegations Urban Meyer “knew” and did nothing about the alleged abuse by her ex-husband and former OSU assistant coach Zach Smith. The allegations made in a story released by Brett McMurphy led to OUTRAGE!!!!! You heard it everywhere and I do mean EVERYWHERE, “Fire Urban Meyer!” “How could he ignore what was going on??!!” “Ohio State MUST distance themselves from this immediately!” Urban Meyer was called just about any name you could legally print or say by the media. Meyer released a statement with his side of the story saying he knew and properly reported the incidents. Zach Smith did interviews corroborating Meyer’s assertions, but the attacks and calls for Meyer’s firing/resignation continued. Columnists of all genres weighed in with their absolute OUTRAGE over how Meyer could keep a guy, who abuses his wife, on his staff. Then came the bombshell. It was delivered by two mothers via Jeff Snook’s Facebook article. Buckeye fans everywhere anxiously waited for the reaction of the national sports media. Their silence was deafening.

Lynn Bruce and Tina Carano, the mother and ex-mother-in-law, respectively, of Zach Smith, contradicted Courtney Smith’s claims of abuse in Jeff Snook’s article late Friday afternoon. They, also, both said Courtney told them she was going to “take down” Zach Smith and Urban Meyer someday. Wow! The ex-mother-in-law taking Zach Smith’s side in this? I thought the national sports media would be all over this. I was wrong. Very wrong. They completely ignored it. And that tells me a lot.

Fox Sports Radio host Colin Cowherd, who either ripped or poked fun at OSU fans in various tweets in the days following the release of the story, has had nothing to say in the wake of Snook’s article. Detroit Free Press writer Rochelle Riley, in an August 6th column, called for Meyer to step down. Her latest column makes no mention of Lynn Bruce and Tina Carano. Not surprised because it doesn’t fit her narrative (more on that later). Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel referred to the OSU coach as “Urban Liar” and called for his immediate resignation in his August 1st column. In Bianchi’s column on Saturday, he said Meyer needs to be honest like Steve Spurrier. When I picked myself up off the floor from laughing, I realized he was serious and, also, noticed there was no mention of Bruce and Carano. After wall-to-wall coverage of Courtney Smith’s allegations by the various sports networks, led by ESPN, I found no mention of Snook’s article with Bruce and Carano on any of their websites. None. Zero. Zilch. To these media outlets, their interviews didn’t happen. Two of them did post articles about Courtney Smith’s attorney releasing a statement saying Ohio State had yet to contact her client (she has since met with the investigative team). The articles were posted Saturday; the release came out on Tuesday. A check of ESPN’s website Sunday morning showed articles on Zach Smith’s impending meeting with Ohio State’s investigative team and Texas coach Tom Herman denying Snook’s report he was the one who provided McMurphy with the “anonymous” tip about the marital issues of the Smith’s (more on that later). Still no mention of Lynn Bruce and Tina Carano. Let’s face it, they don’t care what those two have to say. The media got their #MeToo scandal and ran with it. They showed their politically correct outrage to anyone who would read, watch or listen. In the end, they haven’t done their job as journalists because they’ve let a politically correct movement get in their way.

He Said/He Said

Brett McMurphy has maintained he began his “investigation” into Courtney Smith’s claims, after receiving an “anonymous tip.” On Saturday, Jeff Snook posted on his Facebook page that Texas head coach and former OSU assistant Tom Herman was the one who provided McMurphy with the information on the Smith’s. Snook’s article claimed Herman’s wife, Michelle, encouraged Courtney Smith to go public with her claims. His sources claim Herman is furious Zach Smith recruited five-star receiver Garrett Wilson to the Buckeyes and wanted him off the staff. Wilson is from Austin and goes to high school just as few miles from the University of Texas campus. McMurphy and Herman have denied all of this. Well, of course they’re going to deny it! Did anyone really think Herman was going to step up and say, “Yep, I did it”? Snook is standing by his sources. McMurphy is saying they’re wrong. He said/he said.

McMurphy has it coming at him from all sides these days. On Saturday, in response to Snook’s article on Friday, he posted a series of texts he claims are between Tina Carano and Zach Smith. Carano is fairly ruthless towards Smith in them. A few hours later, Carano seemed to be questioning the report when she posted, “I don’t remember those conversations. Where is the proof those texts are even from me or my phone?”

McMurphy and, to a lesser extent, Snook are now in the middle of a domestic mess. Who knows how long this will go on. But, keep in mind all of this has no bearing on Urban Meyer’s situation. The investigative team is only worried about what did he know, when did he know and did he report it properly. All of this other going on is nothing more than a circus sideshow.

Not Pulling Punches

I’m going to be quite blunt and some in the PC Police won’t like it. I’ve had it with the #MeToo crowd. They’ve shown me what they’re all about. Once a person is accused, that’s as good as guilty to them. They don’t wait to hear the “other” side because they could care less. They want heads to roll, so they begin handing out their “frontier justice” acting as judge, jury and executioner for the accused. Rochelle Riley pretty much said this in her column, when she wrote Urban Meyer should step down before any investigation is complete. She doesn’t care about anything other than what the accuser has to say. Some have even gone so far as to suggest anyone offering facts to support the accused’s side of the story is victim shaming. This is nothing more than a tactic to quiet those who are not in lockstep with the scorched earth mentality of #MeToo supporters. What began as a well-intentioned movement to call attention to a problem has gone way off the rails. I’m finished with them.

This “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore” blog has been building. I apologize for my political/social rant at the end. But, like Oscar winner Peter Finch’s character in the movie “Network”, who said that famous line, I’d just had enough.


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