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Breaking: Board of Trustees To Meet

In a press release today, Ohio State announced the Board of Trustees will meet at 9 a.m. Wednesday morning to “discuss personnel matters related to the investigation involving Urban Meyer.” The investigative team will “verbally share its findings to the board today in an informal briefing.” They will not discuss or decide anything at today’s briefing. It is being held so board members will be ready to discuss the matter on Wednesday.

Once the meeting opens on Wednesday, the board will go into executive session to discuss the matter. For the tinfoil hat conspiracy people, this is Ohio law for discussion of personnel matters for any public entity. During my time in news, I’ve been to more meetings than I can count that went to executive session to discuss personnel. That’s just the way it is. I’m sure some of the usual sports media clowns covering this will try to make it look like a nefarious move by the board, but I can assure you it is not.

Keep in mind this meeting is going to take more than just a few minutes and I doubt they’ll emerge and immediately take a vote. Steve Helwagen of 247 Sports, who has covered the Buckeyes for years, feels the decision will be announced “sometime later in the day on Wednesday, or possibly later in the week.” I can’t see this going past Thursday morning. There are 105 football players who deserve to know who their head coach will be. I’ve heard how this mess has affected this person or that, but I think it is time to think about those players.

What do I think will happen? Although I don’t think he deserves one, I think Meyer will get a small suspension to appease the pc police. However, I don’t see him losing his job.


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